What a Weighted Blanket Does for People Who Suffer from Anxiety

Anxiety is a severe health issue. Back in the day, not a lot of people acknowledged its existence, but it has been well-documented in the recent decades that it is a legitimate mental health issue that exists in people across all ages.

For those who are suffering from it, the effects could be devastating. Some of the side effects include that of stress, weight gain, loss of confidence, and insomnia.  While most people turn to drugs and pills to alleviate the symptoms, the reality is that many have fallen ill or gotten worse because of their reliance on certain medications. It is why finding a drug-free solution for anxiety has become a persistent topic for discussion these days.

One of those drug-free and widely accepted treatments is the use of weighted blankets. Many so-called experts don’t agree with the claimed benefits of CalmingBlankets weighted blanket for adults with anxiety, but it’s worthy of considering.

A weighted blanket offers more than a typical blanket gives. Within the lining of a weighted blanket are pellets or chains that equal the weight that is needed for the one using it. The contents allow the blanket to feel a heavy, comforting sensation as it is draped on your body.

The weighted blanket for anxiety is proven to produce calmness for the person laying under it. The blanket’s evenly distributed added weight is responsible for the pressure applied to the body, which in turn causes the feeling of anxiousness to turn down.

Weighted blankets for insomnia and anxiety are a proven effective alternative to traditional drugs and medicine. We all know that some of the pills that people take to combat stress come with harmful side effects.  Once you cover your body in a weighted blanket, the pressure gives you the sense of grounding, which results to calming your nerves and mind down.

The deep pressure touch you obtain from using CalmingBlankets weighted blanket for adults with anxiety will simulate a massage therapy. When you get rid of the stress in your body, it will correspond to removing the anxiety within your mind. The sense of calmness will eventually lead to better emotional and physical health.

The use of weighted blankets for adults with anxiety enables the pressure from the blanket to hand out relief. It is like you’re getting hugged by someone when you feel depressed or worried about something.

Not a lot of people acknowledge that the same pressure or weight from the blanket can help stop insomnia, too. The reason is that the body reacts to the calming effects of the heavy blanket by producing more serotonin and melatonin in the brain. Serotonin and melatonin help you lift your mood and calms you down, thereby helping you sleep.