Wardrobes for All Occasions

A traditional armoire or wardrobe is usually a tall storage room used for keeping clothes. The first wardrobe used to be a chest, originally a wooden chest; and then it became a more commonly separate room to house the garments of the royals and wealthy noblemen. Today they can be large enough to store a complete wardrobe and all its accessories.

Most wardrobes Adelaide are constructed from oak, pine or a blend of both woods. Most are built with heavy-duty steel brackets and wood frames to hold the wooden chests upright. In modern times most wardrobes have adjustable shelves, which may also be used for storage of small items. Some wardrobes feature cupboards underneath, while others use large drawers for extra storage.

wardrobes adelaideSome people prefer to have an armoire on their wall and not have any shelves because this gives them the option of keeping a few pieces of clothing hanging over the armoire to use as a ‘back-up’ when they cannot find the clothes they want at their convenience. This can be especially useful if you are travelling somewhere that does not have a local shop that stocks your type of clothing. Some homes have a wall-hung wardrobe that hangs off the wall, so that it can be used as a separate room to store other items, such as books.

Some people choose to put a wardrobe in a room where they wish to keep other items but do not wish to place other furniture. This is particularly important if you live in an old building that does not have doors in the main living or sleeping rooms. Having wardrobes Adelaide in a room where you do not wish to place other furniture also makes storing your clothes in the closet less of a chore, so is a wise investment.

If you have a large room or a room in which you have a number of people in it, then a large wardrobe can be a practical choice, especially if you do not want to buy a separate room for each person, but will only be storing one or two items. When you buy a huge wardrobe, it gives the room a more spacious feel, and you can store all the clothes that everyone else will wear in the room at the same time. For this reason, many people buy a wardrobe that is fitted for a particular area, such as a bed so that they know they are in a bedroom that has a place to sleep.

Large wardrobes Adelaide are sometimes also referred to as ‘cabinets’, which is because the cabinet has a back and side door; allowing the user to open the back of the cabinet to access the clothing inside, or the side door to access the items on either side. Many people choose a wardrobe that has several drawers so that all their clothing is together. A large wardrobe also gives you the chance to arrange all your clothes in neat piles, so that you know what each piece of clothing is when you need it.