Surprising Benefits of Synthetic Grass You May Not Be Aware Of

When you compare the benefits of artificial turf to natural grass, you will see that the former stands out more. Many homeowners discovered that artificial turf allows them to maintain a beautiful lawn even in drought conditions. Plus, they are free from the worry of creating violations in terms of water restrictions or landscaping guidelines.

TermiTurf Synthetic Grass offers various benefits that you may not be aware of completely. Let’s discuss it further below.

  1. No more rigorous maintenance.

It is often overstated that artificial turf requires no maintenance. One of the key benefits of artificial grass is its minimal maintenance. It translates to more free time, which you can use with your family for activities and relaxation.

  1. Say goodbye to puddling.

The ground is rolled and smoothed out first to eliminate valleys and grooves where water can accumulate before the turf’s installation. Also, to help drain away excess water and prevent it from pooling in low areas, small irrigation is added as well.

  1. You don’t encounter grass stain issues.

Your kids can now freely play as hard as they want outdoors without getting muddy with artificial turf. Sliding across natural grass results typically in long green or brown streaks that are extremely difficult to remove. Fortunately, with artificial turf, this will never be a problem.

  1. You don’t worry about bare spots and ruts.

High volumes of foot traffic are the cause of present pathways, ruts or bare spots in lawns and gardens with natural grass. Fortunately, artificial turf features extreme resiliency and can resist constant pressure of being walked on. Its blades will only bounce back when stepped on, and the filler that is in place will remain upright.

  1. You don’t worry if your grass is in the shade or indoors.

Artificial turf requires no direct sunlight, unlike natural grass that can fade and die in shaded areas. So with or without sunlight and water, synthetic turf will maintain its colour and size.

  1. Artificial grass is safe for kids and pets.

To prevent the spreads of germs and bacteria, many brands of artificial grass contains anti-bacterial component. In fact, it is one of its most significant benefits. You will no longer fear allowing your kids and pets to play outside as the artificial turf has no harmful pesticides, fertilisers and other toxic chemicals.

  1. Get rid of fertilisers.

TermiTurf Synthetic Grass is always beautiful and vibrant without being regularly fertilised as it doesn’t grow or spread. Rest assured that the turf will remain lush, green and free from any toxin. Also, natural grass requires harsh fertilisers that can give a disastrous effect on the environment. So if you wish not to contribute to the overgrowth of algae in streams, rivers, ponds and lakes, switch to artificial turf now.