Getting a Chainsaw? Learn These Tips for Your Safety

Got a dead palm tree in your yard that needs to be cut down? Are you sure you don’t need a professional to do it for you? Well, apart from buying your chainsaw from a Stihl shop Adelaide near me, here’s something you need to know before taking on the task.


Here are a few essential tips to keep yourself safe throughout the job:




The use of the essential protection when doing work outdoors is critical not only when using chain saws, but also with any other outdoor equipment. Use earplugs or earmuffs designed working with outdoor equipment.


Protecting the eyes is essential when using any cutting equipment. Wear safety glasses or glasses that fit comfortably and do not interfere with vision. It is a protection against sawdust, wood chips and other debris.


Arms and legs are also vulnerable to sawdust splashes. Wear long sleeves and long pants when using a chain saw to avoid splinters. Never operate machinery in the rain or heavy fog to prevent debris from sticking to wet clothing and skin.


The Chain


The chain is the cutting surface of the chain saw. The chain must remain sharp to prevent the saw from skipping, burning or clinging. Use a round file to sharpen each tooth in the chain. An opaque chain will slide through the wood and trap more quickly than a sharp chain. This will not create a clean, smooth cut. It will also restart more efficiently, which can cause injury.


Loosening the chain will make it easier to cut from the bar and engage more efficiently. Keep the chain tight, but not too much, against the bar. A chain that is too tight may break during use. When you press properly, the chain will not come out entirely from the edge of the bar. Use the adjuster to tighten or loosen the chain.



Grease the chain so that it works well on the bar. A dry chain is easily caught. The oil also helps prevent sawdust from clogging the chain and promotes cleaner cutting. Use bar oil on the chain and bars to keep the saw running smoothly and efficiently.


Clean the Housing


The chain saw housing where the pinion is filled with sawdust and other debris after prolonged and repeated use. Too much debris will slow the sprocket and make the chain ineffective for cutting. Remove the case and clean the sawdust so that the chainsaw can operate in the best conditions. This would extend the life of the chainsaw and the sharpness of the chain. It will also make the job easier.


When using chain saws bought from a Stihl shop adelaide near me, operators should observe safety precautions. By following these tips, you will protect yourself against unnecessary risks and injuries.