Skin Cancer Removal Methods

After skin cancer removal, recovery will most likely be sore and tender. It could take several months for noticeable results to disappear, but a skilled plastic surgeon can aid this by reconstructing the affected area. Areas closer to the surface can be worked on first, and a surgeon can make small incisions in these areas.

skin-cancer-removalVarious techniques are used, including cryosurgery, laser surgery, microsurgery, and dermabrasion. Each technique requires a different skill and experience, and surgeons with many years of training and practice can usually handle any situation proficiently. Cryosurgery is one of the oldest techniques in use, and it involves using pressurised liquid nitrogen to freeze off portions of the cancerous area.

If you have a small tattoo, it may be possible to remove it with cryosurgery since it is a rather simple procedure. This method also removes some of the pigmentations, although this isn’t always necessary. In many cases, if a skin cancer removal is desired, then a laser is used. To perform laser skin cancer removal, a plastic surgeon must carefully remove the tumour through a minor incision and then use a special laser machine to kill off the cancerous cells. The side effects of this therapy include discolouration or scarring at the site of the procedure and slight swelling and minor pain. These effects subside after several weeks.

Microsurgery is a newer technique for skin cancer removal, and it uses a surgical probe placed into the problem area. This probe is then slowly introduced into the tissue, where it begins to break down the matter. This technique is less invasive than cryosurgery, and Mohs surgeons commonly use this technique for moles that are solid, though they do occasionally use it on those with skin cancers. Because this technique lacks the extreme pain of a cryosurgical procedure, it is often used for those with many moles that have not changed colour and do not need to be touched directly. Plastic surgeons who perform this skin cancer removal technique do not need a large incision, and more surgeons can remove most types of skin cancers.

For those with very large skin cancer tumours, many moles removal doctors use one method: “pencil eraser surgery”. During pencil eraser surgery, a small surgical device called a “pencil” removes the unwanted moles. The small pointed instrument makes circular motions against the moles, cutting them off from the inside. Patients usually feel a little discomfort from this type of skin cancer removal, but if multiple moles need to be removed, it can cause some bleeding and scarring.