Podiatrist – The Doctor Who Can Help You

What exactly is a podiatrist? A podiatrist is an expert of podiatry (DAM) who is also a licensed medical doctor who is a qualified health care practitioner who diagnoses, treats, heals, and provides for any disorder, ailment, deformity or other physical abnormality of the foot. A podiatrist treats the entire body of patients, as opposed to only focusing on one part. For example, suppose a person has a herniated disc in his back. In that case, the podiatrist will not only diagnose and treat back pain, he will also find out the underlying cause of the hernia and provide a treatment method that helps prevent recurrences of such conditions.

Podiatrist AdelaideA podiatrist specializes in treating musculoskeletal system disorders, specifically the bones, muscles, nerves, and ligaments of the human body. Podiatrists could treat many kinds of conditions. For example, various diseases and infections involve the feet, ankles, knees, toes, arches, and the muscles that support these parts of the body. Some common disorders include Paget’s bone disorder, Bursitis of the heel or lower legs, Stress fracture of the tibia, Osgood Schlatter’s disease, Stress fracture of the ankle, TMJ, Plantar fasciitis, Tennis elbow, Ingrown toenail, Herniated disc, Back pain, Knee pain, Facet joint dislocation and many others. Podiatrists usually treat these conditions with modern techniques such as orthopaedic surgery, laser technology, joint injections, and more.

Podiatrists at https://thesapodiatryclinic.com.au/ examine patients to determine the underlying causes of their pain and seek to alleviate their discomfort. As a part of their examination, a podiatrist may also ask about the patients’ general activities, medications and dietary habits to determine the underlying cause. The most common problem encountered by patients is flat feet, which can be treated using orthotics or specially manufactured shoes. A podiatrist may also prescribe special cushions to use during walks to prevent the occurrence of flat feet.

A podiatrist can also treat overweight persons. This is because obesity often makes it difficult for the patient to walk and can lead to the formation of flat feet or painful arthritis in the lower legs. Such patients should have their weight under control to improve the condition of their feet. Another problem related to the lower legs is shin splints caused by the abnormal lengthening of the muscles in the front of the knee. A podiatrist can provide a treatment to reduce the tension on the quadriceps muscle and in turn, eliminate the associated pain.

Several conditions like diabetes and osteoarthritis are common among podiatrists. These conditions often cause severe pain in the lower back or in the ankles. The patients should be referred to a podiatrist immediately if they exhibit any of these conditions. To treat these conditions, the podiatrist will have to perform numerous tests and do blood tests to determine the underlying cause of the condition.

Pain in the feet is very common among diabetics. In this case, a podiatrist in Podiatrist Adelaide may recommend an adjustment in the toenails to prevent the worsening of the diabetic condition. The doctors often advise their patients to cut down on their salt intake as this can have a negative impact on their feet and legs. In order to prevent diabetic foot problems, doctors will suggest physical therapy. They can also prescribe special insoles for feet made from silicone, which are designed to decrease the pressure on the bones and help maintain healthy circulation of blood in the feet.