The Value of PPM in Your New Car

Paint protection film (PPF, also known as clear bra, clear paint or plastic film) is an inexpensive, reusable, thermosetting, laminate-type, low-VOC, waterproofing paint protection for painted vehicles. It’s designed to provide a 100% barrier against oil, grease, and other liquids, as well as protecting the vehicle’s finish from damage from sanding and scraping. The film provides an airtight seal that allows the paint to be protected from dust and particles without blocking the normal airflow between the paint and the vehicle’s paintwork. The film has several properties that make it highly effective in indoor and outdoor applications. It is clear, virtually impenetrable, and can withstand high temperatures from the sun’s rays and high humidity levels. Because of these characteristics, the film can even be used outdoors on wood, metal, or vinyl surfaces.

Paint protection film in paint protection Adelaide has several advantages over traditional factory paint protection. The film will not alter or diminish the vehicle’s original colour or lustre, is easy to clean, quick to dry, and can withstand high temperatures and long periods outside the vehicle before becoming brittle or disintegrating. Many consumers choose to use a thin plastic coating on the vehicle’s hood, trunk, hood vents, trunk lid, hood edge, and brake callipers. This provides a smooth, unobstructed surface for driving while protecting the paint from minor bumps and abrasions that might otherwise cause peeling, chipping, or cracking.


Typically, most vehicle owners buy the paint protection to find that it does not work as described. Sometimes, this is because they did not follow the directions carefully or use the material incorrectly. Other times, the problem is more serious. Some manufacturers use low-quality PPM on their new cars, prone to damage during driving. Some dealerships add a thin layer of PPM to older vehicles, but improper use or incorrect installation may cause the material to break down prematurely.

Paint protection film in paint protection Adelaide can also provide significant value to the vehicle owner by shielding its paint from extreme temperatures, rough treatment, and constant exposure to the elements. Even small scratches or chips can create deep blemishes over time, making them nearly impossible to remove without professional repair or removal. In addition, if the vehicle is exposed to extremely hard knocks or blows, the PPM can prevent paint chips and even paint chips from growing into larger, more severe issues that are more difficult to remedy. PPM is especially useful on vehicles with metal details, such as knobs, handles, or rear quarter panels.

So, whether you want to protect your new car from road salt, hail, or road debris or protect your existing car’s paint from constant wear and tear, PPM can keep your investment looking like new. A quick trip to your local auto body or paint dealership can help you determine what types of protection would be best for your vehicle. You can also purchase new car kits or custom installers specializing in paint protection to further customize the protection you need. Either way, getting the protection you need to keep your investment will save you money in the long run.