What You Should Know About the Learner Permit Knowledge Test

If youre hoping to get a drivers licence in Victoria, then you must go through and pass the Learner Permit Knowledge Test first. Fortunately, you can book the learners practice test vic online without face-to-face interaction. Its a computer test comprised of 32 questions based on the four chapters as provided by the Road to Solo Driving official handbook.

Passing the learners permit test means correctly answering 25 out of the 32 questions. Its not that difficult if youre committed to it, especially when you acknowledge that everything you need to learn is found in the handbook mentioned above.

Taking the Test Amid the Pandemic

The government of Victoria recently released an update (November 16) concerning the licence testing. It said that after suspending it for a couple of months, it has now re-opened for new bookings. The most accessible and quickest way to do this is online.

learners-practice-test-vicThe extraordinary circumstances brought by the pandemic have affected the usual flow of businesses, but aspiring drivers like you shouldnt worry because this hardship has an end. For those who had their previous appointments suspended because of COVID-19, theyll have their booking fees refunded, and new appointment fees are to be waived.

Furthermore, its good to hear that several licence testing centres will be put up along with new staff, the purpose of which is to guarantee that essential services are retained while everyones adjusting to the new normal. Its a given that everyone who plans to visit a service centre must wear a face mask.

Other Important Reminders

The best way to pass the learners practice test vic is to prepare for it. Weve encountered countless applicants and students who failed because they underestimated it. Most of them thought that the test doesnt require a level of importance. Prepare for the learner permit knowledge test by reading the Road to Solo Driving” handbook. It makes sense because everything that has to do with the test is right there in the handbook.

As mentioned above, theres only one way to pass it, which is to get a total of 25 questions right. Thats precisely 78% of the total number of questions. Be reminded that the passing result has a validity period of one year.

Not a lot of folks know that the Learner Permit Knowledge Test for aspiring drivers in Victoria is available in a handful of languages. Although English is the preferred language for the majority of the applicants, the test is versatile enough to acknowledge the diverse population in this region. Hence, anyone can take the test in Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Serbian, Albanian, and others. For any language thats not listed, theres always an option to work with an interpreter. All you must do is to reach out to the customer service centre in person and set up an appointment. That is how convenient the process has become over the years.