A Basic Introduction to Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioning

In Japan, Fujitsu split system air conditioning was introduced in the 1920s. This type of air conditioning is more energy-efficient as well as cost-effective. Since this type of air conditioner doesn’t need the normal ductwork, there is no need to have an extra duct system installed in your home. Also, there is no need for regular ductwork because the humidifier is placed in a separate room with a temperature filter to prevent it from freezing.


The most important feature of this type of air conditioning is that there are no filters or fans involved, so there’s no worry about dust or mould build-up. There is also no problem with the temperature control because it has a human sensor that will sense whether it has become too cold or not. If so, it automatically adjusts the air conditioner to the appropriate temperature. These are the two reasons why Fujitsu split system air conditioning has become so popular around the world.


A human sensor is built right in the air conditioner called the “KW”, which is used to detect the inside temperature and light changes. There is also a low battery backup facility called the “BGB”. It also contains software that tells the motor what to do when the power goes out. The three major parts of this air conditioning system are:


The compressor is what produces cool air. The compressor is usually installed on the rooftop of the building or in a crawl space. The compressor must be large enough to accommodate the air conditioning unit. Then there is the condenser. It is usually installed in the basement of the building, but you can install it anywhere if you have space.


Next, there is the air conditioner. This is the most visible part of the system. There are two types of air conditioners. The first one is the forced air system which requires fans to push the hot air through the rooms. The second type is the evaporative cooler which uses a fan to move the cool air from the rooms to the outside.


Most people have heard of the old-style air-conditioners or the vertical type. A new version known as the semi-permeable air conditioner has been developed and used in today’s modern homes. One very good thing about the Fujitsu split system air conditioning is controlling the temperature by adjusting the amount of water in the drainage lines. This is very helpful, especially during the summer months when the temperatures soar up into the 90s. It is also easier to use as compared to the old model because of its modern design.