How to Clean Fur and Stains off Your Carpet

If you have pets, then you should definitely consider carpet cleaning. Carpets and rugs are one of the most common allergic trigger factors for many people. For this reason, many allergy sufferers avoid carpets altogether, instead opting for more plush and harder floor coverings, for bedrooms, living rooms, or even dining rooms. But not all carpet cleaning Adelaide companies are the same.

A recent study found that a carpet cleaning machine removes up to 98.1% less of common carpet allergens including dust mite, pet dander and household allergens. The lab also found that, while adding a disinfectant to HCE carpet cleaning system, took out an average of only 89% of airborne bacteria in the room and 82% of the airborne bacteria in the atmosphere. The high level of a disinfectant added is necessary since regular vacuuming cannot remove all the dirt from carpet fibres. If this cleaning method is used regularly, then your carpets should remain clean and allergy-free.

carpet-cleaning-adelaideThere are three types of carpet cleaning machines available in the market today. They are steam, dry and chem-dry. Steam is considered to be the best option for cleaning, but it is expensive, and it also poses some health hazards if misused. The best option for carpet cleaning Adelaide is to hire a certified chemical dispensing technician to use the best and latest equipment along with professional chemicals. The best place to find such a technician is the World Wide Web. Today, you can also find many websites which offer chem-dry rental services for homes and office buildings.

Carpet cleaning machines take stain directly from fabric, using powerful vacuum and heat. After removing the stain from the fabric, a good conditioner is applied to the stain to prevent it from recurring. After getting rid of the stain, a good conditioner is rinsed on the surface and left to sit for a few minutes. The cloth is then wrung out to remove the residue from the cloth. The cloth used is a wet conditioner or a dry cloth depending upon the type of stain.

Vacuum and buffing of carpet help remove the stains, dust, allergens, dust mites etc. from our floors. This cleaning method is used in most houses and offices. Vacuuming and buffing must be done after every two weeks to remove the dust and to clean the carpet. A carpet cleaning solution or carpet solution is used to clean up the stains when we clean our rooms daily. If we fail to remove the dust and allergens from our rooms, then it will result in accumulation of these particles inside our lungs which can cause breathing problems later on.