Why You Would Want to Add a Mannix Wall Furnace Heater in Your Home

So, you have recently constructed an additional room to your home, and you’re delighted with the results. That is until winter came, and you realise that your house’s ductwork does not extend to the new room. You ask an HVAC contractor and find out that you need to spend another thousand dollars to have the new ductwork done. Besides, you need to wait for weeks for the job to complete. Well, fret no more because the Mannix wall furnace heater is here to your rescue.

Mannix Wall Furnace HeaterWhile it is common for Aussie homes to come with ducted air conditioning systems, wall furnaces still find its place in many houses and apartments around the country. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Easy Installation

As the name implies, the Mannix wall furnace heater is installed between the home’s walls, usually between the wall studs and drywall. Because it does not need any ductwork, it’s a breeze to install, more so if you have your local HVAC specialist do it for you. It is in stark contrast from the days you’ll have to wait if you choose to extend your home’s ducted heating system to your chilly room.

  1. Cheaper

A wall furnace installation typically costs between 740 to 900 dollars. Rather than spend thousands to have new ductwork done, getting a wall furnace heater to warm up your room is undoubtedly a cheaper option.

  1. Options

The two most common types of wall heaters are gas and electric. If the rest of your house runs on an electric ducted heating system and want to curb your electricity consumption, you could opt for a gas wall furnace heater, which is generally a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative. The reverse also applies if you have a gas ducted heating system and want to try an electric wall furnace to explore the option of using solar electricity to power your home. The bottom line is, the Mannix wall furnace heater will give you the chance to check out heating options other than what your current ducted heating system runs on.

Now that we’ve explained the reasons you would want to get a wall furnace heater for your home, we should also highlight the fact that wall-mounted heater installation is best performed by a licensed and insured HVAC contractor. The reason is that you want to have the heater installed accurately, with protection against risks of injuries and property damage during installation work.