HairGANG De Lorenzo Shampoo

You should know that HairGANG De Lorenzo has a variety of shampoos to suit different hair types. The choice is mainly dependent on your hair’s current condition. If your hair is dry and damaged, then the Rejuven8 Shampoo and Conditioner duo will be most suitable for you. If your scalp is oily or flaky, you should opt for a product in the Prescriptive Solutions range. This line is only available to Catwalk members.

HairGANG De LorenzoThe Shampoo in the colour care range is made with natural plant extracts and UV inhibitors to minimise brassy yellow tones and maintain the brightness of coloured hair. This range is also free from sulphate and paraben and contains botanical extracts that enhance colour and style. The formula comprises Rooibos, an antioxidant, so it’s safe for sensitive scalps. It will not weigh down your hair.

The shampoo combines violet and gold tints to prevent colour fade. The product helps maintain the vibrancy of coloured hair, adding a rosy glow to blondes and redheads. Its ingredients include chamomile, rose, aloe vera, and bilberry. This range is great for colour-treated hair as it won’t strip the colour from your locks. The UV inhibitors and botanical extracts in this range will protect your coloured hair from premature fading.

A combination of willow bark and green tea leaf extract will stimulate the scalp and remove excess sebum, providing additional volume and reducing brittleness. Invigorating willow bark will help fight external dryness while restoring moisture to the hair’s internal structure. It is perfect for all hair types and will prevent dandruff. Another benefit of this range is that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

This shampoo contains UV inhibitors that will protect hair colour from premature fading. This is an excellent option for people who want to protect their hair from sun damage. In addition, this shampoo is also suitable for those who have chemically treated their hair. It contains natural botanical extracts and UV inhibitors, which prevent hair from becoming overly coloured. In addition, the shampoo is also made with organic vitamins and will not strip your hair of colour.

The HairGANG De Lorenzo shampoo is one of the few certified organic shampoos globally. It contains willow bark extract to cleanse the scalp and reduce regrowth. This natural ingredient is known to promote healthy hair growth. In addition, willow bark also adds extra volume to the hair. Unlike other shampoos, it is safe for sensitive scalps and is excellent for coloured hair. It will not damage the colour of your hair.

This silver shampoo is made with UV inhibitors to protect your hair from the sun. It is also designed for grey and blonde hair. This shampoo contains colour-enhancing botanical extracts like Kakadu plum, Rooibos, and birch. For a full-on transformation, you can use this shampoo with the novafusion silver colour care conditioner. These two products work together to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.