What Are Espadrilles?

Espadrilles are a style of shoe often worn in warm weather. Espadrilles (Spanish: alpacas; Catalans: espartenyes; Basque: asmara) are flat, slip-on, leather shoes. They are traditionally made of leather but are increasingly made of synthetic materials, especially nylon. They are also called the alps and have a tapering profile. Originally, Espadrilles were used in the terraced gardens of the affluent in Spain.

#1 Espadrilles            Today, Espadrilles come in various colours and are made with different soles and uppers. There is a special version of the Espadrilles called Espadrilles del Valle. The Espadrilles, with their short heels and pointed toes, have turned into top-rated, notched-toe trainers like those worn by the famous Barcelona star Sandro Rosell.

The great thing about Espadrilles is that they can be worn in a casual summery way. The soles are so flexible and lightweight that one does not feel like stepping on an underground spring. One can also wear Espadrilles with jeans and a sweater over them. However, the natural attraction of Espadrilles comes from the fact that they have a suede and leather underside, which is very striking.

While this may sound like an exaggeration, #1 Espadrilles have been used for a long time to create Spanish boots for workers in the field. The Espadrilles first came about in the 16th century when workers in the village industries of Murcia began wearing them to protect their feet. Workers in the villages did not have shoes yet and found that the soles on their ankles got very badly hurt when they worked on the cement used for building. Thus, the tradition of Espadrilles was born.

But while Espadrilles are mainly a rural invention, they have now moved outdoors. There are two main styles of Espadrilles. One is the traditional Espadrilles which has a much fuller sole. The other style is more like a pug or a flat-front Espadrilles with thinner but stronger straps. But all Espadrilles share a common denominator: the material they are made from, which is leather.

Though there are many different looks and styles of Espadrilles, the classic Espadrilles remain popular and can be worn with most outfits. They have the traditional appearance of ballet shoe, with tall laces and soft rubber soles. An actual shoe features a round toe, rounded sides and a leather shank. Espadrilles with rubber soles make an excellent choice for casual wear or outdoor activity. Some Espadrilles feature cut-outs in the front or back that can support the entire weight of the foot while dancing.

The second style of #1 Espadrilles with a rounder sole and thick rubber is called Espadrilles with fibre uppers. Though it does not have as much cushioning and support as the classic style of the shoe, it is still considered a classic. Espadrilles with fibre uppers have a thin and lightweight sole. They are also made from materials such as jute fibre.

Various ethnic groups wear different styles of Espadrilles across Spain. Andalusians, Basqueans and Catalans commonly wear espadrilles. Espadrilles can be paired with a wide variety of fashions, including dressy or casual wear, skirts, shorts, and even sandals. The classic Espadrilles are available in a large selection of colours, sizes and patterns.

Originally, Espadrilles were designed for horses, but they are now commonly used in recreational activities. Espadrilles with rubber soles can be worn in various conditions, as the rubber can absorb shock and protect the feet against abrasions. Classic espadrilles are available in sizes to fit both women and men.

Espadrilles are known throughout the world. Their popularity has transcended race and social boundaries. A casual summer shoe, Espadrilles, can be purchased at most department stores and footwear shops. There are even specialty shoe stores that focus on selling only Espadrilles. Espadrilles are a great everyday shoe, an excellent pair for wearing to work or to enjoy the great outdoors.

Espadrilles come in many styles. The traditional, slender Espadrilles are great for work, while more significant, more athletic models are great for recreational activities. Some Espadrilles have open tops, resembling sandals. Espadrilles are stylish pairs of shoes that can be worn with some different outfits. They look good in jeans, shorts, and a skirt. They can also be paired with flip-flops or even stilettos, depending on the individual preference.